Eager to grow your company but struggling to find the right talent for your startup?

Transform one of your current team members into a temporary headhunter with our DIY headhunting script

Hi, I'm Catherine! 

Founder of HR Design Toolkit,
HR expert since I left university and entrepreneur since 2016. 

DIY headhunting script

We made a DIY headhunting script for busy startup founders like you.

The script describes the exact steps in the headhunting process.

No prior knowledge is required and it can be delegated to any of your current team members. With exception of the office dog ;-).

The solution for your hiring challenges for a one-time investment of 695€ (excl. VAT).

Are you ready for this?

"This recruitment playbook is exactly what I needed when I was hiring the first 5-10 people for my startup."

- Roeland, NSGo/Vaigo

"The headhunting playbook is super interesting. It is packed with value and we know exactly what to do next."

- Lara, Altesia

"The script gets you to a very decent level of recruiting. It's actionable, easy to digest and complete."

- Max, Lizy & Startupcareers.eu

Scaling a team feels like
accelerating with the brakes on...

  • You have wildly ambitious hiring targets, but recruitment is going incredibly sloooooow
  • The inflow of candidates is disappointing: there are not enough candidates or the quality is so poor that you wouldn't even trust them to make the coffee (let alone help your startup grow!)
  • There's no recruitment expert in your team and you feel sick when you hear the usual headhunting fees
  • You prefer to spend money on product development, sales and marketing, than on crazy headhunter fees
  • Bootstrapping is your thing, but there's no way you can do headhunting on top of your current tasks

You're not alone!

I'm an entrepreneur too and know how it feels to have too much work but not the right people to delegate to.

I know how frustrating it is when 'people issues' put limits on the company growth.

I also love bootstrapping, but I don't have time to Google until I have all the pieces of the puzzle.

But.... (spoiler alert)... I have 20 years of HR experience, in corporates and startups. I was HR director at a fast growing scale-up and now have my own growing company. 

So I feel your pain, but I have an unfair advantage here ;-). The good news is... I'll share my best practices with you.

I know you want it.
And you want it FAST!

  • Hire the right talent : only A-players to grow your startup
  • Get it done without spending a huge amount of time, because you simply don't have that time
  • Keep your budget under control and spend your money wisely
  • Start building essential hiring skills internally and become independent from expensive headhunters

"Impressed by this DIY Headhunting Playbook! Haven't seen any other guides that are relevant both for experienced recruiters and for absolute beginners in candidate outreach. Great recommendations with regard to recruitment tools and talent pools that I didn't know yet. Very specific and concrete recruitment tactics. Top!"

- Dries Hendrickx, Co-Founder ConversationStarter

"I already have a few years of experience in recruitment but still implemented quite some tactics form the playbook. We're now reaching more potential candidates and we have a more structured process for follow-up. We've taken our employer branding to the next level. And now I'm optimising our interview scripts based on my own experience and the tactics from the playbook."

- Joachim Nuyttens, Managing Director Quality & HR Trevalco

Why a script?

As an entrepreneur you have many hats... I know the feeling ;-)

Time after time, you dive into a new area of expertise, learn fast and make things happen. 

Your to do list is exploding, so you need to delegate more of your work. 

But who can you delegate to, if you don't find the right talent for your team? 

It's like a catch 22.
We developed a script to help you escape!

DIY Headhunting script

  • Step by step headhunting script with the exact steps to find the right talent
  • An extensive set of candidate outreach messages that you can copy and tweak to your needs.
  • It's so easy to use that it doesn't require any prior knowledge, just common sense and motivation. So you can give the 'headhunter hat' to a team member and just jump in as a founder on crucial moments.
  • One-time investment of 695€ (excl VAT) 
  • Immediately available after purchase 
  • Wondering if this is for you? Send me a message on catherine@hrdesign.be

"At Funkey, we have been using a lot of recruitment tactics and tools from the playbook in the past weeks and will continue to do so. We already got interesting candidates just by the cold outreaches, so we'll definitely keep on contacting candidates this way. Also loved the hiring scorecard template and assessment tips! We already had some basics rolled out at Funkey but we're are making them more solid now thanks to the playbook. Highly recommended for every startup or scaleup who is hiring more than 1 person in the course of a year. It's ideal when you're starting to hire or when your recruitment process is unstructured. It is very clear and well written."

- Gratiella Hauquier, HR Manager Funkey

If you use our DIY Headhunting Script...

  • You avoid paying a dazzling 15k headhunting fee per hire
  • You build a team of A-players : you know how to find them and how to convince them to apply
  • You save time by building on best practices instead of sending random Linkedin messages with no results
  • You build your employer brand by reaching out to candidates directly and owning your hiring process 
  • You delegate most of the headhunting to a current team member and only come in on crucial moments
  • You have no additional payroll costs
  • You have a flexible solution in sync with the speed and intensity of your hiring plan
  • You build in-house recruitment expertise, instead of relying on a recruitment agency

Our HR expertise doesn't come from Google or textbooks. And we don't just copy annoying, administrative HR processes from corporates. 

We've worked with many startups and scaleups, where we have successfully built HR practices from scratch!

Here's what some of our customers say...

"As a start-up, Skindr didn't have the expertise to build HR practices in a professional way. HR Design, led by Catherine, provided the right structure at the right time and prepared us for the growth phase we were entering. It helps a lot to have someone by your side who understands the phase you are in and offers practical solutions."​

- Jochen Boeykens, Entrepreneur, Investor & Co-CEO Skindr

"My company and team were growing enormously and I felt that it was important in that scale-up phase to pay sufficient attention to the human aspects. Thanks to the professional and personal guidance, HR Design brought out the best in our team.​ It was an asset that we were able to map out a complete trajectory with them because this ensured that a deeper connection could be made. We are very satisfied with the collaboration!"

- Tom Charle, Founder & Managing Director of Aleetoe

"Renta Solutions is a small but fast-growing company and we felt it was time to structure and professionalise HR. Thanks to HR Design, our HR policy is clear and transparent today. We can now fall back on policies and HR processes, which is necessary for a company of a certain size. Our employees now know better what and where, which eliminates possible frustrations. That was an important milestone for us to be able to grow further. The know-how and experience that HR Design brings, is worth gold to startups and scaleups."

- Erik Maes, Managing Director Renta Solutions

What's included in the DIY headhunting script?

The DIY headhunting script is a PDF document of 45 pages, written in English. We know you and your team are busy, so we made it as short as humanly possible and extremely actionable. The script is designed to save you and your team time & money, while hiring A-players.

You get the exact steps to make a list of potential candidates.

Rest assured, it includes more than saying 'use a Linkedin Recruiter seat' ;-). Nice tool, but a red ocean...

We like to show you the blue lagoon too, with recruitment hacks that headhunters try to keep secret. 

At the end of this module, you'll know where to find your A-players

You get high converting messages for cold outreach to potential candidates. 

They stand out from the boring messages candidates receive from recruiters. 

So don't expect the standard 'Hi, we have a vacancy, are you interested?'. Nobody responds to those anymore...

At this end of this module, you'll know how to reach out to promising candidates and get them to apply.

You get the headhunting process, based on best practices from headhunters and founders.

Everything is lined up for you step by step, with concrete instructions and templates.

There's no need to start from scratch. We'll show you the fastest way.

At the end of this module, you'll start with confidence and tweak the hiring process until you hire your A-player.

Scaling your team costs you precious time and money. If you do it badly, the money is down the drain. If build on best practices from other startups, you get the return on your investment. So if you're still on the fence, let me ask you another question...

 currently costing your startup?

Not a pretty picture, right?

Running behind on your hiring plan or doing mishires, is extremely expensive for a startup like yours. Building solid HR practices is not a cost. It is an investment. And it is inevitable. The sooner you start building strong HR processes, the sooner you'll benefit from the return on your investment. 

The cure for your
hiring headache

"We're now reaching more potential candidates and we have a more structured process for follow-up."

- Joachim, Trevalco

"We have been using a lot of recruitment tactics from the playbook and continue to do so. It is very clear!"

- Gratiella, Funkey

"Impressed by this DIY Headhunting Playbook! It includes great recommendations!"

- Dries, ConversationStarter

This headhunting script is 100% for you if

  • You have one or more vacancies that are key to grow your startup
  • You mainly recruit white-collar profiles (bachelors/masters) 
  • There is insufficient candidate inflow or the quality is too low
  • You have no appetite to pay a 15K headhunting fee for every hire
  • There is no in-house headhunting expertise
  • You are a committed to do what is needed to attract top talent

To make this a no-brainer,
we're adding 2 super valuable bonuses: 

BONUS #1 : Job postings that attract A-players

If your job posting is boring as hell (like 99% of the job postings), top talents will ignore you. 

Writing an attractive job posting, is like writing a high converting sales page. You have to put some work into it once, then reuse big chunks time after time... for years! 

We help you make a job posting that works like a magnet for top talent (and scares off unqualified candidates who consume your scarce time).

Extensive PDF guide of 18 pages in English, with guidelines and practical examples.

BONUS #2 : Selection process from A to Z

Hiring decisions are tricky and mishires hurt really bad. Especially for a startup. 

Informal selection interviews may be cosy, but they're definitely not effective. It is simply too great a risk to take.

We help you set up your selection process and reduce the risk of mishires. You'll learn how to do a structured interview and how to use other tools to test motivation fit, culture fit and skill fit.
Practical PDF guide of 36 pages in English, with best practices on interviewing, assessment tests and reference checks.

"The recruitment toolkit is very interesting! At Altesia we want to hire enthusiastic people who are looking for a meaningful job (beyond salary package) in a human-sized company with a great atmosphere. And we're now using tips from the Headhunting Playbook to attract candidates in a different way. Regarding job postings, I must say that we still have a lot of work to do. The script for this is also very well done, so we know exactly what to do next. And we're definitely using the proposed structure for the interview and selection process. This headhunting playbook is packed with value!"

- Lara Gouy, HR Manager Altesia

"This recruitment playbook is exactly what I needed when I was hiring the first 5-10 people for my startup. I've found plenty of free hiring tips and tricks online, but I've never found a playbook like this one, that describes from A to Z what I need to do to hire great people. It is unique and I love it!! Today, with our team of 35+ people, we're a bit further in our scaling journey and we have a dedicated HR Business Partner. She has quite some recruitment expertise and even she is super enthusiastic about the playbook ;-). So we are using it to grow our team even further."

- Roeland Vanrenterghem, Co-founder & Managing Partner NS Go/Vaigo

Frequently asked questions

"I updated our job postings based on the playbook and already got feedback from a candidate that he was really intrigued to contact me because it was really speaking to him. Ended up hiring the candidate and he's doing really great. The actionable tips & tricks also helped me get a better idea of how to test skills during the selection process. The playbook is a great tool for getting yourself to a very decent level of recruiting. It's actionable, easy to digest but still complete. It doesn't beat around the bush. Really valuable to many startups I believe, great!!"

- Max Clemens, Head of Sales Lizy & Co-founder Startupcareers.eu

Need to boost your hiring game?
We offer you the full package! 

The full package for a one-time investment of 695€ (excl. VAT)
(The solution for your hiring needs at a fraction of the cost of a headhunter)

About me

I'm Catherine Vanhullebusch, founder of HR Design Toolkit, HR expert and entrepreneur.

After some years in HR in the corporate world, I escaped ;-) to explore the exciting scene of startups and scaleups.

As Head of People of Showpad, a Belgian scaleup in hypergrowth at the time, I built the HR strategy and processes from scratch. In one year time we grew from 50 to 150 employees. Crazy ride!

The entrepreneurial vibes were contagious and I started my own company: HR Design and now manage a team of 25 people.

My HR consultants support scaleups in their growth journey, mostly for 2 to 3 days a week, for a period of 6 to 18 months.

This business is close to my heart. But I received many questions from early stage startups that I could't help. Because our intense on-site HR support was too expensive at their stage of growth.

So I decided to put all my HR expertise into super practical HR scripts and HR playbooks, specifically designed for startups.

This means you can build the right HR foundations and grow your team, even before you are ready to hire an on-site HR Manager.

Ready to grow your team with our DIY headhunting script? We've got this!