HR toolkits for startups

Save yourself the headhache, time & money.

Build strong HR practices right from the start with our HR toolkits.

Grow your company on solid HR foundations.

You are working hard on every aspect of your business, to take your company to the next level. You know that you also need a top team to scale your business. But you don't have the HR expertise nor the time to build the much needed HR practices to make that happen. That's where we come in with our HR scripts, tailor-made for start-ups and scale-ups. Designed by an HR expert and ready to use, without the expensive HR consulting costs. 

Hi busy startup founder,

I'm Catherine, former HR Director of a fast growing startup. And entrepreneur, just like you.

I escaped the corporate life 6 years ago and now run my own company and team of 20+ people. 

I know HR can be hard when your growing your company. But I'm building HR playbooks to make it really easy for you!


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Building HR expertise

As a founder, you don't have the time to dig deep into the HR field to become an HR expert.

But you also realise you cannot just follow your gut feeling and hope for the best while your team grows. You need strong HR practices to bring your team to the next level.

Squeezing time

We are putting all our HR expertise into easy to use HR scripts that you can apply immediately within your startup.

This helps you to get the HR basics right before you have the company size and budget to hire an HR Manager.

Our HR tools are designed for startups.

Created by a former startup HR director 

We know exactly what you need to build solid HR practices at this exciting time of scaling your business and team. No need for ancient and highly administrative corporate HR processes. I promise.

Time-saving and easy to use HR tools

You don't have time for long HR courses or for reading 10 HR books. We get that. We make HR scripts that contain just what you need to scale your business. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Gentle on your startup budget

At this growth phase you're probably already investing heavily in product development, sales, marketing, customer services... We don't want you to forget about HR, so we'll be gentle on your budget. 

DIY headhunting script

Eager to grow your company but struggling to find the right talent for your startup? Transform one or your current team members into a temporary headhunter with our DIY headhunting script. 


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